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video at Green Home Solutions of Long IslandJun 06, 2019 at 23:20

Think you got Black Mold symptoms? I see Dr Axe has natural remedies to help...

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  • Title: Green Home Solutions of Long Island
  • Sector: Biotechnology
  • Contact#: 516-206-1600
  • Address: 600 Bayview Ave, Inwood,
  • Country/City: NY 11096, USA
  • Founded Since: 2014
  • Web URL: greenhomesolutions.com/longisland-ny
  • Impressum: N/A

Fast, Effective, and Affordable Indoor Air Quality Services! Green Home Solutions can help you maintain clean air and a healthy home. Our priority is to treat mold and other issues at their source. We do this with our treatment spray, which uses plant ingredients to attack both visible and hidden mold growth and mold spores. With all our treatments, products, and mold services we aim to restore air quality without introducing abrasive chemicals that could harm the environment or your home in Long Island.