Delicious Chocolate Cookies2 Lb Cookie Tins for $29Rugelach! 4 Rich Varieties...Continental Cookies

Delicious Chocolate Cookies

Soft, warm, deep chocolate taste!

2 Lb Cookie Tins for $29

Available in 1lb & 2lb sizes

Rugelach! 4 Rich Varieties...

Chocolate, Raspberry, Cinnamon or Apricot!

Continental Cookies

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photo at Continental CookiesSep 17, 2019 at 21:19
Stef, can you make a bizzshout! cookie?!

Stef, can you make a bizzshout! cookie?!

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  • Title: Continental Cookies
  • Sector: Food/Beverages
  • Contact#: 201-498-1966
  • Address: 185 South Newman
  • Country/City: Hackensack, USA
  • Founded Since: 2000
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Continental Cookies gourmet cookies are hand made using pure almond paste, butter and quality chocolate for that old-fashioned bakery taste. Our gourmet and fancy cookie trays that are ideal for special occasions, holidays, corporate and personal functions. Our cookies are also available in tins or by the box. Our large variety of holiday cookies are delicious including leaf cookies, Florentine lace, rainbow cookies, jelly and chocolate filled, and of course chocolate chip. We are also proud to offer handmade Rugelach and Biscotti each available in four flavors. Browse our cookie glossary to see over 100 varieties of cookies. We also offer seasonal cookies offering unique holiday cookies for special occasions. Our cookies look fresh and inviting and taste even better than they look. Continental Cookies are perfect as a thank you gift, birthday present, anniversary present, corporate gift, or just as a special treat for you or your family.






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